How to Inspire Your Husband to Stop Looking at Other Women ?

Does Your Man Have Monogamous Eyes or is He Always Checking Out Other Women?

Does your man have wandering eyes?

Have you ever heard the following sayings about committed men looking at other women?

"Just because I'm not eating doesn't mean I can't still look at the menu."

"It doesn't hurt to look as long as you don't touch."

"Just because I'm not buying doesn't mean I can't window shop."

Like me, you've probably heard these type sayings all your life. 

Whoever came up with these sayings had to be a man, because it most certainly wasn't his wife.

When a man's heart does not lead his eyes he sets himself up for his eyes to lead his heart.

If a man's eyes are not being monogamous I can promise you his heart isn't being monogamous either.

Ladies, if you want your man to only have eyes for you, learn how to INSPIRE him not  just REQUIRE him. A woman doesn't just want her man to not look at other women when she is around him in his world.

She really wants him to not look at other women BECAUSE she is in his world.What she really wants is for him to have MONOGAMOUS EYES that come from a MONOGAMOUS HEART.

Are You Tired of Your Husband's Wandering Eyes?

A husband staring at other women can trip

the insecurity switch of his wife who already has to compare herself with thebeauty standards of the world around her.

The last thing a woman wants to do is feel she's not even measuring up to the beauty standards of HER own world (her husband).

 You know what it's like. You go out on

a date with your husband and five minutes after getting to the restaurant his eyes start to wander.
 If he isn't staring at the blonde with the low-cut top at the 
next table over he's staring at the pretty 

redhead sashaying by on her way out.

You suffer silently and try to just let itgo so you don't cause a scene.

Those old feelings of not being enough start to surface.

It pains you that he doesn't seem to look at you that way!

Is Your Husband's Gazes at Other Women Frustrating You?

Are you tired of your man always chasing superficial fantasies fueled by his eyes?

Are the gazes he keeps giving other women making you angry or causing you to feel less than enough?

Do you ever wonder why he so easily lets his eyes lead his heart instead of his heart lead his eyes?

When a man gives his wife the gift of heart AND eyes at home, he's telling her that she can live her life without the constant feelings of competition other women face. He's telling her the love he has for her is a SAFE PLACE for the love she has for him.

When a man gives his wife the gift of heart and eyes at home, he's telling her she can live her life without constant fear of quicksand commitment.
 He's telling her the foundation she's trusting her emotions to is place of safety and security for her heart. 

The heart of a man will indulge in what he gives it an appetite for.Here's how to get him to keep his eyes on the PRIZE....PRIZE being YOU - his wife.

Ladies, here's how to inspire your husband 
to only have eyes for you :

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