secrets of body language (guide)

Why Knowing Body Language is Important

Some people are aggravating with their comments about your body language. It seems that they only use these observations to make you feel uncomfortable or inferior. These people make knowing body language seem like an obnoxious habit. However, there are some very important reasons why it is good to know about body language.

One reason to know body language is to evaluate situations. For one thing, it’s good to know when you are being lied to. Sometimes the person wants to avoid telling you an unpleasant truth. At these times, you may find it necessary to get to the bottom of things. It would be a good time to know body language to determine if the person is being honest.

At other times, the lie poses some sort of threat to you. When this happens, you need to sort out fact from fiction so you will know how to protect yourself. Body language will help you to do this.

In any kind of business, it is necessary to size up the competition. It is also essential to know the attitude of your customer. Usually these people won’t tell you what’s on their minds. The rival will hide this to dominate you, while the customer might not really know his/her own mind.

If you know body language in these situations, you will get much further than if you don’t. The opposition can’t blind-sight you. You’ll be ready for him/her because you understand the situation. You will be able to work with the customer since you can tell when the person has reservations.

Knowing how to speak the body language of animals can keep you safe. If you give the right gestures, you can signal to an animal that you are friendly and will not harm them. This can save you from being bitten. If you project dominance too soon with your body language, you may be repaid with an attack.

Creating a good first impression can be aided by knowing a few things about body language. This can help you in any situation where you meet people. It may be in a job interview. Your body language may help you land the job.

You could meet people at a party. You could even meet new people at church or a club. Whenever you do, attention to body language can leave them with a favorable impression.

If you are placed in a position of responsibility for other people, knowing body language can again come to your aid. You can try methods of converting body language into a posture of authority and confidence. Projecting these attributes is important in leading people.

The dance of meeting, courting, and love all revolve around body language. You can attract a certain person using the right gestures and body movements. You can show what you want to show them about your feelings if you have the body language skill.

Every aspect of life is filled with expressions of body language by you and those around you. It’s important to understand both the world and the feelings you are displaying towards it.

Why Body Language Isn’t an Exact Science

You might be told that you are expressing something through body language that you haven’t said. Maybe you don’t agree that you were saying that, even nonverbally. Many mistakes can be made when trying to interpret body language.

The most notorious mistake people make is to tell someone that he/she is showing defensive body language because he/she is crossing the arms over the chest. While that may be true, there could be other explanations that could be just as accurate.

It may just mean that the air in the room is cold. Or, he/she may simply be more comfortable with the arms in that position, especially if there are no arms on the chair the person is sitting in. What’s more, if you tell a person that he/she is being defensive, his/her body language will definitely become so.

Eye contact is another shady area when it comes to body language. Most people assume that you should engage the other person with as much eye contact as possible. While eye contact is important, it can be overdone. Staring is considered an aggressive move. However, it may just mean that the person is being overzealous at trying to keep eye contact.

Another instance of trying to interpret the body language of eye contact is to determine honesty. It seems obvious that a person who is lying to you will not be able to look you square in the eye. The truth is that there are many reasons why a person might feel the need to look away. These might include their shyness or a feeling that you are being aggressive in your body language.

The body language of a person who is actually lying to you may be quite different than what you expect. Since most people have heard that lying people look away, a person who is lying will often stare. Obviously, they don’t want to get caught and they will use what they know about body language to help them.

If a person pinches the bridge of the nose with the eyes closed, people who pay attention to body language will most likely explain that this person is demonstrating a negative evaluation. However, the person could just have a headache. How many times have you seen a person who has a migraine in just this posture?

Eye-rubbing is usually seen as some form of doubt or disbelief. There are really several reasons why a person would rub an eye. The person might have something in the eye. They might be sleepy. Or, they might be suffering from allergies. The body language may simply be a physical reaction, in other words.

Putting your hands and fingers in a steeple or pyramid shape is often thought to convey an attitude of authority and confidence. Sometimes, that’s just what it is. Sometimes, though, the person is only trying to project these images even if they are not true. If a person knows a little about body language, they can certainly confuse things.

Probably the best way to identify the meaning of body language is to look for overall patterns. While one behavior may point you towards a belief that the person has one attitude, patterns tell more. A group of behaviors appearing together will give you a better read on someone’s body language.

Using Body Language in Business

Starting in the first ten seconds a business associate or client meets you, he/she has already begun to form an opinion of you. This occurs through not only what they hear, but also every little detail that they see. Your body language is very powerful in business.

In fact, body language can give others an image of your power, too. If you are in a room with business associates and you wish to appear powerful, you can stand during the meeting. This gives the impression of power.

Moving around makes you seem even more powerful, and others might feel threatened by your body language. This might go too far. You can still give an image of power and confidence if you are sitting. Just use up as much space as possible. Stretch out your legs, open up your arms, do anything to make yourself seem bigger.

Showing confidence is as important in business as showing power. One way to show confidence through your body language is to keep from moving your head around too much. If your head is always in motion, it makes you appear to be the kind of person who seeks approval.

Your eyes can help you to show confidence through your body language. If you maintain eye contact a good portion of the time, you will feel confident and honest as well. Blink too much and you will appear to have a lack of confidence, so try not to blink excessively. The body language of your eyes is critical.

Negotiating a sale or other type of business deal can go more smoothly if you know a little about body language. To make a customer or business associate feel more at ease during negotiations, you can try mirroring.

Mirroring is a type of body language in which you subtly mimic the movements of the other person. This makes them feel comfortable with you and more willing to follow your lead. Once they are at that point, you can try a method called tracking.

In tracking, you start out mirroring. Then, you gently guide the person by making more and more open and positive body language movements. If the person follows your lead, you will be in a good position to make a sale or to complete the negotiations in your favor.

If a person starts out with a closed posture he/she might be hard to deal with at first. The signs are folded arms, crossed legs, and maybe a turning away from you. If you mirror and then use tracking, you may begin to see a change. His/her body language might change to an open position. This usually means your methods are working.

If you are trying to make a sale and your customer is always touching his/her hand to his/her face, you need to give this body language your attention. It usually means that they want to buy if only they can resolve some issue they have with the purchase. If you don’t step in at this point, the customer may just walk away never quite knowing why he/she didn’t buy. If you try to help them figure it out, you will probably make a sale.

In business, things aren’t always what they seem. You need to be able to project the image that is conducive to the type of business you are trying to do. You need to be able to identify your business associates’ attitudes. With a working knowledge of body language, you can do this.

Using Body Language in a Job Interview

It’s rarely easy to go out and find a job. Having a good resume can get you in the door. It can make people ready and willing to meet you. They’ll want to discuss your future with their company. However, poor use of body language can lose you the job just when you thought you’d won it.

The interviewer doesn’t say, “I want a person who can use body language.” At least that is probably not their first consideration. They are more likely looking for a person who is honest, confident, and has other qualities that will help them succeed.

The body language simply shows the interviewer if you have those qualities. Your job during the interview is to give yourself a fair shake. Display all your attributes with your body language so the interviewer will understand what a good worker you will be.

This starts before you walk in the door. You can practice in front of a mirror or videotape yourself in a role-playing situation of a job interview. Study your body language to find meanings you don’t intend. Then, be sure to be on time for the interview.

From the time you enter the office, someone may be noticing your body language. If you have to wait in a reception area, it’s best not to fiddle with notes from a briefcase. Instead, casually look through magazines or brochures to pass the time. Your body language will denote ease and confidence.

When someone comes to tell you it’s time to go in for the interview, enter the room as if you did it every day. Stride in with your head held high and your body moving with ease and assurance. Don’t be apologetic by your body language about the way you do it.

Before you start the interview, you should shake the interviewer’s hand. Give a firm, but not overpowering, shake. Always shake hands with your palm up. If your palm is down, it will imply that you are dominant. The interviewer will not be happy with this. Say your name so the interviewer will identify you with it.

Sit in the seat offered. If it is left up to you, sit in a seat beside or across from the interviewer so they will benefit from your use of body language. Try to determine how close the person is comfortable with you being. This is often obvious because of the arrangement of the furniture.

Try to avoid unacceptable body language. If you cross your arms across your chest, the interviewer will think you are being defensive. If you rub your nose, you might be seen as being dishonest. If you put your hands in your pockets, you may be judged as someone who is ill-at-ease or even someone with something to hide. These are types of body language you can easily get away from.

Universal Body Language

All across the planet in every country and in every tribe, there are seven universal body language expressions. The seven expressions are Happiness, Sadness, Boredom, Fear, Anger, Surprise and Disgust. During part of my cross-cultural travels, I have seen each of these non verbal expressions true and consistent. Also, when I expressed these body language signs, I have been understood in cultures that did not know my primary language. My body language spoke loud and clear what I was feeling, experiencing or thinking.
The concept of universal body language is easy to understand when you look at the practical non verbal definitions of each of the seven expressions. When someone is happy, they smile, their eyes widen, and they are non-threatening. Laughing or chuckling can be evident. Positive physical touches are made by the person that is happy. Though in some cases I did not understand or hear what was being said of me, I could see that people were happy to see me by these happy universal body language expressions.
The same is true with sadness of course. Eyes can become wet and teary, there are no happy signals, and the face can look defeated or devastated. When it was time to leave a village after working on acts of kindness, such as fixing homes, etc., I could see that people had sullen sad body language. They could see my similar expression too as I tried to mirror what they felt, though I was happy internally to be returning home.
Boredom can be easily identified. Often, I was responsible for mentoring and teaching my team on certain skills. I could tell when nationals and team members where past the point of receiving by the universal body language of Boredom. When someone is bored, they begin looking at their watches, tapping their fingers of moving their legs. Yawning may take place or a look of distraction settles on the face. You can also tell when someone is distracted due to boredom when they focus or look at other things instead of the speaker.
The universal body language of fear is evident when someone cowers at the object of their fear. They sometimes put their hands up to their face to avoid seeing what it is that makes them afraid. Sometimes, they will also attempt to signal to others to do what they do, and hide or run.
Anger is a universal body language that expresses itself with symptoms like a red face, clinched fists, eyes fixed at the object one is mad at, etc. The body is often times in what could be called a, Ready Position. Meaning, the body is posed for a next step. An example of this is if someone is sitting in a chair and is leaning forward with their legs ready to lift their body at any second.
Surprise and disgust are almost similar. In both body language expressions, the mouth and eyes can open wide. But, when someone is surprised, it is like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. When someone is disgusted, the body and face reject what their experiencing, be it food or an intangible occurrence.

Tips for Women on Flirting Through Body Language
Some people might think that all women know everything there is to know about flirting. After all, it’s true that women send out five times as much sexual information in the form of body language as men do. However, a woman may not be getting the responses she is hoping for. It could mean that she needs a fine tuning on her body language skills.

For example, when you enter a bar or a party, do you just plop down and expect men to automatically come to you? You need to give them a little incentive. One important factor is to emphasize the fact that you are female.
You can do this right away by arranging your purse and other feminine articles in front of you. You can do a little preening. Toss your hair, adjust your clothing, or use any other body language you can think of to get your point across. Of course, you should do all this in very casual way.
There are several other ways to flirt using your body language. One is to roll your hips as you walk. If done subtly, men will find this attractive. A purely feminine pose is to sit with your legs entwined. Men find this intriguing, mainly because most of them can’t do it.
Once you see a man you are interested in, focus in on him. Try to make eye contact. If it happens, then hold the gaze a little longer than is normal in other circumstances. Then, you should break the contact and look down.
This will appeal to the man’s primal instincts. He will feel that you are showing, by your body language, a kind of submission that allows him to approach. At this point, you should look back up to encourage him to come on. As he approaches, keep your eyes only on him. If they stray, he will feel unconfident or even rejected by your body language.
Most men are wracked with anxiety over their opening line. Much has been made of finding the right one. Books have been written on the subject. If this is awkward, try to use your body language to put him at ease. Smile and show interest by tilting your head. Get past this obligatory ritual and get on to the good stuff.
When you are speaking to him, watch for signs of attraction or of disinterest. If he sits at an angle to you, he is disinterested. It’s either time to try another tactic or to stop wasting energy on him.
On the other hand, he will use his body language to display his fascination with you. The more he likes you, the more his pupils will dilate. If he faces directly towards you and seems to follow your body language lead, it signifies attraction.
While you are talking to the man, you can continue your use of body language to flirt with him more. One way is to do suggestive movements. You can stroke something round, such as a drink glass. You can lick your lips. All these examples of body language occur best after the flirting has gone on for awhile.
If the flirting goes as far as a kiss, it will be up to you to show by your body language that you are ready for it. You simply need to relax your face and body. Move close to him and look into his eyes. If your kiss is a good one, you can use more body language to take it from there.
The Body Language of Lying
Everyone wants to know whether they are being told the truth or being lied to. Life is way too confusing when you don’t know that. Sometimes, though, there may be reasons why you don’t want to give away your every thought. Either way, it’s good to know about the body language of lying.

When a person lies, they generally feel uncomfortable about it. They will usually display some gestures that conflict with the words they are saying. Some of these might be hand-to-face movements. They will often touch their hand to their eye, ear, or mouth.
Eye movement can also be a kind of body language that shows when people lie. If they are talking about the past, they look up and left. If they are talking of the future, they look up and right. If they’re looking towards the past, they’re remembering. If they’re looking towards the future with their body language, they’re coming up with a lie.
People who are concerned with their lying will try to act out the part. They will memorize where to look when they talk. They will try not to touch their faces. They will try to look you right in the eye. They will try to monitor all their body language to suit their deception.
A person who lies habitually, on the other hand, will seem normal in every way. This person no longer feels anything about lying, good or bad. A person like this will feel no need to suppress body language because his/her body language only shows how comfortable he/she is.
Also, a salesperson who speaks fast may appear dishonest because that’s what people have come to believe. Actually, when people speak extra slowly, with many long pauses, it is more often an indicator of deceit. This form of body language includes both pauses and speech errors.
Any touching or the slightest rubbing of the nose is considered by some as a surefire way to tell that someone is lying. Certainly, it can be. On the other hand, the person may just have a skin condition that affects the skin of their nose. Their nose might itch or they may have a cold. It doesn’t pay to jump to conclusions about body language.
If someone hides their lies fairly easily, they can still be found out by their micro-gestures. These are smaller movements of body language, or facial expressions that exhibit an emotion. A liar might wrinkle up the nose, as if in disgust.
This is a small gesture, however, and may be missed. Another micro-gesture is when the person curls down the corners of the mouth. These kinds of body language show lies as surely as more obvious signals do if you only know how to look for them.
Poker players engage in a type of lying called the bluff. Players make a science out of figuring out the other players’ “tells.” These are slight micro-gestures the players will make when they have a good or bad hand. The gestures are usually unique to each individual player, and it takes study to know your opponent. These players are highly in tune with each other’s body language.
Most people will tell a harmless lie from time to time. Almost all of us have been lied to. Body language can be used to determine if you or someone else is really telling the truth.
The Body Language of Animals
Most people don’t claim to be able to hold a conversation with their pets. The pet might understand a few basic commands, but a complex conversation is out of the question. Their body language, on the other hand, tells much about what the pet is feeling.

Cats may seem inscrutable, but they actually tell quite a lot by their body language. Of course, everyone knows that a cat purrs when she’s happy and contented. Also, it’s well known that a fearful cat’s hair will stand on end as she arches her back.
What you might not know is that when a cat is feeling fearful, defensive, or nervous, other body language behaviors happen as well. Her ears might twitch or flatten against her head. Her eyes will dilate. If she is merely upset about something, she will whip her tail around frantically.
If you stare at your cat, you can expect a certain type of body language in return. She will stop moving altogether. Then, she will alternately look at you and away. However, if and only if your cat trusts you completely, she will go to sleep with you in the room.
She might even greet you by curling her tail around your legs. If she rubs against your legs, though, she probably wants something. She is trying to tell you by body language that she needs to be fed or needs her litter box to be changed, for example.
If your cat is confident and/or aggressive, she will narrow her pupils to slits. Her ears will stand up. Her rear will push up and her tail will go low. She will walk sideways to appear larger. This body language is reserved mostly for other animals.
Most dogs will prefer to be in a submissive relationship with their owner, or master. To show this through body language, they will lie on their back and show their belly. This is active submission. In passive submission, they come eagerly toward the master with their tail wagging loosely.
Beware, though, if the dog is staring at you and his tail is wagging stiffly. His bark will not be a friendly one. This body language means that the dog feels dominant and aggressive in the situation.
If he lifts his lips and shows his teeth, he’s not necessarily going to bite you. He may just be trying to scare you off by showing by his body language what could happen if you don’t back off. If you want to avoid this, approach the dog with your palms up. This shows the dog trust. If you approach with palms down, your body language is showing dominance, and you could be in trouble.
Other animals, maybe all animals, show some form of body language. Rabbits can get angry and show it by hissing. They will drum with their feet if they are feeling scared. To use body language to let you know that they are hungry, they will go so far as pushing their bowls around with their noses.
A lot can be learned about animals by being aware of their body language. You can stay safe around the animals you come across. More importantly, you can learn to better care of the animals you know.
Showing Friendship through Body Language
Finding a friend is often a mysterious process that seems to happen almost as if by magic. You meet them, see them in different situations, and somehow you end up being lifelong friends. Sometimes you can foster friendship and help to sustain it by using good body language.

When you are open to friendship, you might indicate that by showing an open palm or sitting with your legs apart. It is always important to maintain good eye contact with someone you are being friendly with. Just don’t stare at them.
In fact, you can attend to a person by focusing on that person with your ears, your eyes, and your body. You can also show them your feelings through your body language. You can project interest in them by tilting your head when they speak. Look at them in an alert and interested way.
Sometimes, just by spending time with a person, you are automatically giving them body language cues that you are willing to be friends. Show signs that you are listening to them and you will have a better chance at friendship.
Once you have established something of a friendship through body language and conversation, you can allow yourself to get even closer to the friend. Friends often stand close together. They will sometimes touch casually on the hand or arm. Men like to pat each other on the arm or give each other playful punches.
Empathy is an important aspect of friendship. If your friend can’t identify with your feelings, you might not feel that they’re very valuable as a friend. To have this value, you need to show empathy in your body language.
You can do this by leaning in when the person is speaking of matters of importance to them. Show your emotions through your body language. Laugh, smile, cry, or touch when it seems right. Hug them if it seems comfortable, but follow their body language cues to determine if it makes them feel anxious.
If you have made a friend, you will be happy with the experience. Yet, you can never neglect your friendship and assume it will always be the same. It’s up to you to send your friend the right body language signals to let them know they are still appreciated and cared for.
In studies, it has been shown that kids with learning disabilities have a hard time maintaining friendships. They can make friends easily. Yet, when the friend interacts with them on a daily basis, they have trouble understanding the friend’s body language. This leads to hurt feelings and ultimately to a loss of the friendship. If you are to avoid this pitfall, you must pay attention to your friend’s body language.
Body language can help you make a friend and help you to understand your friend better. By knowing about body language, you can use it to help you maintain a good relationship with your friend. Knowing body language and using it can be the difference between having an acquaintance and truly having a friend.
Romantic Body Language
Everyone wants to be loved. The need to be loved is just as important as eating and having water. Beyond friendships and communities of family and structure, is the need to be romantically involved. In today’s society, romantic body language and relationships can happen between anybody, including those of the same gender. Because I can only identify with heterosexual relationships, I will elaborate on romantic body language between a man and a woman.

As a man, when a woman shows interest by looking at me for an extended period of time, I melt. I feel totally important and valued. I desire to be looked at and receive more romantic body language. Sometimes, a woman’s eyes become somewhat deep and so focused, that one cannot look away. The staring between the man and the woman becomes a trance between the two with a telepathic message that reads, “Take me, I’m yours.” On the other side of the token if a woman or man glance away from someone that is staring at them, it generally means they are not interested. It can also mean the person that looked away is shy, so the one that is interested should attempt to connect with the eyes again.
Romantic body language includes brushing, bumping or touching the other person in a safe zone, such as the arms, back, etc. A few years ago, a co-worker would often bump into me when she walked by. I got the impression that she did that many times subconsciously because she never looked back or apologized. I knew this was romantic body language because at times I would catch her staring at me from head to toe. This would stir me of course, but I had to restrain myself because I was married. I have observed when two people who have feelings for each other touch the other’s arm for an extended period, etc. Whether they are aware or not, these are romantic body language activities.
It is also said, that when the opposite sex points a body part at you or leans at you, this is romantic body language. In other words, if a woman is sitting across from me, and she constantly has her feet pointed at me, this indicates she is romantically attracted to me. I’ve personally noticed women lying down with their body pointing at me when we are at a park with other people. Interestingly, they have eventually expressed a desire to be with me.
I remember in my High School days walking with a girl on the Coney Island boardwalk in Brooklyn, NY. We were newly involved as close friends but things were heating up between us. She began leaning towards me quite a bit when we were walking. At one point, she was on my right side. When I looked over at my right she was gone. I quickly looked over to my left and noticed she had lost her balance and was moving quickly in the direction she was leaning. We both laughed. But from that moment on, we held hands.
How to Improve Your Body Language
Sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it that turns people off to you. You may be looking to make a sale or to make a friend. If your body language skills are poor, you won’t get far.

In general, it’s good to have a positive attitude. If you have this, your body language will show it naturally. However, you can’t possibly be positive every single day. Some days, you must show your overall positive outlook even though that day’s attitude isn’t good.
Also, if you improve your body language, your attitude usually follows. Psychologists know that acting happy will go a long way towards making you happy. It isn’t always obvious which comes first.
So, use your body language to project the image you want others to see. Don’t worry about the “truth.” When you use your body language to model behaviors that are positive ones, the truth is, you will become more positive.
If, for instance, you feel like walking slowly with your head down, you might be feeling down. Make the effort to walk erect, hold your head up, and go out to face the day. This body language change will initiate a change in your attitude if you are able to do it.
You might get the urge, during a college class or a job interview, to impatiently drum your fingers. At times like these, let a feeling of calm wash over you by focusing your body language on relaxing. This might include uncrossing locked ankles or letting the muscles in your hands go soft, for example.
If people complain that you don’t show enough interest in them, you can remedy this by using body language. The next time they are telling you something they see as important, look at their face as they speak. Look into their eyes, but look away occasionally so as not to stare.
You can show more interest by your body language in other ways as well. Lean towards the other person when they are sharing something especially important or intimate. Tilt your head to show that you are listening. You can even mirror their body language behaviors if you do it in a subtle way. All this will show that you are in tune with their ideas.
You can improve your body language by studying it. If you are planning to make a presentation before a group of people, you might try it out first in front of a mirror. You could even make a video record of it. Then you could review it at your leisure and take notes about mistakes you are making.
If you are going to look for a job, you will benefit from practice in job interview skills. The best way to do this, if you have someone to do it with, is to role play. Have someone fake interview you and record it so you can see how you’re doing. You will catch body language you never knew you displayed.
There are all kinds of ways to improve your body language skills. If you do, you will find that work relationships and personal relationships will be easier. It just takes a little time, effort, and observation.
How to Read Body Language
Everyone instinctively knows about body language. People constantly evaluate the body movements and facial gestures of those around them. They might have even heard some tips about identifying certain body language signals. However, it may not be that simple.

If you are trying to determine what a person’s body language is telling you, consider everything. Try to get an overall picture, not just a snapshot. If you focus on groups of behaviors you are more likely to get an accurate read.
Notice their posture first to see if they are sitting in a confident upright position. Or, they could be slouching, showing with their body language that they have little self confidence. Be aware of whether they are leaning toward you in a gesture of intimacy or leaning back reservedly.
Take a look at the angle they have set up between the two of you. If it is not side by side or across, it probably means they are uncomfortable with you. Note the position of their head. If it is tilted as you speak, they are showing interest by their body language. If they are looking down, they care little for what you have to say.
Pay attention to what they are doing with their limbs. If they are crossing their arms in front of their chest, they might be feeling defensive. If they stand or sit with open palms, their body language displays openness.
This feeling can also be presented by sitting with legs apart. The legs can show boredom in their body language when the person crosses the legs and kicks with the foot. If they are apprehensive, the ankles might be locked together.
Take in the movements of their eyes. Observe if they are looking at you overly long. This could indicate hostility or flirting, depending on other body language that accompanies it.
Notice whether they have trouble maintaining eye contact. This could mean that they are nervous, insecure, or don’t like what you’re saying. Their body language, in this case, can help you to problem-solve about what the person needs from you.
Make yourself aware, through body language, when someone is showing dominance over you. They may do this by standing while you are in a position where you must sit. They may do this by sitting back with their hands clasped behind their head. They may simply do it by the way they shake your hand. Palm down means dominance.
If any of these individual body language signals is present, look for more that denote the same. For instance, if a person is touching or rubbing his/her nose, don’t assume dishonesty. Instead, look for other clues to back it up. The person might look up and to the right. They might also have micro-gestures that give them away, such as a nose wrinkle.

Looks can be deceiving. It’s an old saying, and it can be true for those who try to decipher the body language of others. Reading body language is more complex than identifying a single behavior. It involves thought and consideration.

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'' this ebook will teach you how to recognize various emotions or feelings such as nervousness, openness, anger, boredom, doubt, frustration, or excitement simply by observing facial expressions, postures, and gestures.

You can use the knowledge of body language to identify if confidence, dominance, and other characteristics are existing in people. On the contrary, you may also perform these gestures when you want to convey certain personality traits to subconsciously influence others. Cool, isn’t it?

After reading this book, you will never look at the world the same way again. You’ll be able to immediately interpret certain actions and adapt to any situation''.

Communicating with other people would become a much easier task. You will have a better understanding of people. It’s like your eyes will be opened to the world for the very first time.

Here is what you will learn inside this guide:

* Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Reading Body Language
Chapter 3: Understanding Body Language
Chapter 4: Interpreting Body Language From Head To                       Toe
Chapter 5: How To Use Your Own Body Language
Chapter 6: Types of Body Language

Chapter 7: Body Language for Dating

Chapter 8: Body Language For A Job Interview
Chapter 9: Conclusion

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If you are tired of being in the dark and always seeming to approach people about things of importance at the wrong time and continuously getting shot down, this e-book will help you to know when is the RIGHT time and just how to carry yourself effectively to get what you want and deserve!. Isn’t about time you were the one in control?

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