Understanding The Right Framework of a Successful Online Business

Have you ever been in a situation like you are doing everything you are taught, but you aren’t getting the results that others are getting doing the exact same thing?

Like for instance in network marketing business – “get only 2 people to put them in your left & right and you will attain your financial freedom”. Affiliate marketing and online product marketing may first appear as easy ways to make money online, but then people soon realized that the web is not an easily tapped goldmine to generate money as what we have told.

So…. in the end you get overwhelm, confused and give up even without getting started.

I’m sure you’ve heard some great things about making money online. But if not, I wanted to fill you in on what all the great talk is all about and tell you briefly about some of the new product called “Breakthroughs Mastery Course” by Jeng Cua.

These 4 modules provides you the solid foundation you need to know how to breakthroughs to generate an automated income the right way for long term success.


The  Curriculum

Skill Levels:  All Levels
Curriculum:  4 Modules
Lessons:  36 Lessons
Format:  Video Training
Language:  English
Includes:  Lifetime Access

MODULE 1:  Preparation And What You’ll Need:

LESSON 1:   Principles of Personal Vision to Get Anything You Want
LESSON 2:     Understanding The Right Framework of a Successful Online Business – Part 1
LESSON 3:     Understanding The Right Framework of a Successful Online Business – Part 2
LESSON 4:     Knowing Your Core Why & Who You Are: Your Path To Success
LESSON 5:     Introduction to Affiliate Marketing: Profit Fast From The Lowest Hanging Fruit –                           Part 1
LESSON 6:     Introduction to Affiliate Marketing: Profit Fast From The Lowest Hanging Fruit –                             Part 2
LESSON 7:     Strategizing an Influential Campaign Blueprint
LESSON 8:     Getting The Campaign Blueprint “Go Signal”
LESSON 9:     Domain Ownership & Web Hosting
LESSON 10:   Closing The Loop: Getting Things Done

MODULE 2:  Hook Mastery

LESSON 1:     Strategies & Psychology in Creating an Effective Custom Sales Funnel
LESSON 2:     Landing Page Secret Formulas
LESSON 3:     Landing Page Creation Demo From Scratch – Part 1
LESSON 4:     Landing Page Creation  Demo From Scratch – Part 2
LESSON 5:     Creating Your Own Custom Video
LESSON 6:     Connecting The Dots
LESSON 7:     Pre-flight Check Before Launching Your Campaign

MODULE 3:  Conversion Mastery

LESSON 1:     Conversion Tracking Set Up
LESSON 2:     Creating A Custom Domain Tracking Using A Sub-Directory
LESSON 3:     Split Testing Demonstration
LESSON 4:     Facebook Conversion Pixels Install To Webpage
LESSON 5:     Creating A Facebook Remarketing Audience
LESSON 6:     Setting Up A Google Analytics Account
LESSON 7:     Install Google Analytics Tracking ID To Website
LESSON 8:     Creating A Google Adwords Conversion Tag & Install To Website


LESSON 1:     Facebook Ad Creation
LESSON 2:     How To Avoid Google Adwords Account Suspension
LESSON 3:     Understanding The Rules To Structure A PPC Ad In Adwords
LESSON 4:     Creating Your First Ad In Google Adwords
LESSON 5:     Creating A Remarketing List With Google Adwords
LESSON 6:     Remarketing Tag Verification With Google Tag Assistant
LESSON 7:     Creating A Remarketing Campaign With Google Adwords
LESSON 8:     Monitoring Campaign & Ad Group Performance
LESSON 9:     4 Best Driving Traffic Methods In Facebook
LESSON 10:   Analyzing, Tweaking & Adjusting
LESSON 11:   Scale and Leverage

Creator of Breakthroughs Mastery Course

Jeng Cua

* You can have the full control of your products or services.
* You can have the full control of your own mailing lists so
* You can build your high quality targeted customer base 
* You can get business sign ups without using your mouth to sell 

* You can effectively convert leads to buyers without your presence            

And, you can have the limitless opportunities  to leverage your income streams online while doing the things that you want in life.

I highly suggest that you take a few minutes from whatever you are doing right now, and go check them out!

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